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We’re excited to announce the latest addition to our Performance line of products, designed by gamers, for gamers: The Plugable Performance Onyx Gaming Headset. The Onyx (TRRS-HS53) features premium plastics that are sturdy but help to keep the weight and comfort balanced. It features high-quality synthetic leather and cloth for contact points, sturdy brushed aluminum framing for adjustment hinges, and punchy dynamic audio drivers that reproduce sound as the designer intended. The retractable microphone won’t leave your teammates straining to hear you, and you can rely on it staying exactly where you position it. As a special thank you to...

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Game and Stream with the Plugable Performance NIX Capture Card

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We’re excited to announce the latest addition to our Performance line of products, designed by gamers, for gamers: The Plugable Performance NIX Streaming & Capture Card. Whether you’re streaming on Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Mixer, or preparing footage for upload, the NIX Capture Card provides 1080p/60FPS capture in a compact, plug-and-play package. If you are a streaming veteran or just getting started, we’ve got you covered with step-by-step guides for setting up and configuring your capture software NIX Capture Card, helping ensure a seamless experience capturing all the intense action. It’s never been easier to setup a capture device and start...

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Plugable Details New Tariff's Effect On US Prices

Posted by Bernie T. on |  

Plugable Technologies, a top global brand for USB products and docking stations, has been affected by the new US tariffs this week. The company was able to absorb the 10% tariff increase for about half of its line of products. The remaining products are seeing an average 5% price increase to compensate for the additional tax. If the tariff rate increases to 25% as planned on January 1st, there will be another corresponding rise at that time. Today, most consumer electronics are manufactured in China. However, all of Plugable’s full-time employees, including designers and support engineers, work in Redmond, WA....

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From Gamers with Love - The Plugable Pro Mouse

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If it wasn’t clear by now, behind the veneer of best selling business-oriented Docking Stations, there’s a group of gamers and peripheral enthusiasts here at Plugable. In the vein that our mechanical keyboards are a love letter to price-conscious typing enthusiasts, the USB-PM3360 mouse is a love letter to price-conscious PC gamers, and those who appreciate the dexterity and comfort of a high-quality mouse when being productive too. Introducing the Plugable Performance Mouse (USB-PM3360) We’re proud to introduce our first gaming and productivity mouse, packed with high-end features at a reasonable price. Releasing initially at $39.95, the mouse includes must-have...

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Plugable’s New Mechanical Keyboards for Typing Enthusiasts and Gamers

Posted by Joshua H. on |  

At Plugable many of our engineers, myself included, are keyboard enthusiasts. What does that mean exactly? I’ll touch on that below… but first I’d like to introduce our two new mechanical keyboards, the Plugable USB-MECH87BW compact “tenkeyless” (no number pad) and USB-MECH104BW full size mechanical keyboards. Traditionally a high quality mechanical keyboard retails at $100 or more. Because of this high cost of entry to the mechanical keyboard experience, many people choose to settle with an inexpensive standard generic mushy and lifeless rubber dome keyboard. There have been a few budget mechanical keyboards released over the past few years, but...

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Plugable’s New USB Studio Microphone: Professional Sound Quality, Great Value

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Ready to step up from your smart phone or webcam microphone to fantastic sound? Plugable’s new USB cardioid condenser microphone is the perfect choice for podcasts, home studios, voice-overs, and many other applications. Offering professional capabilities in a very reasonably-priced package, its high quality A/D converter C-Media chipset captures crisp, high-fidelity audio from 20 Hz to 16000 kHz and its cardioid pattern reduces background noise, resulting in a high-quality hassle-free audio recording experience. This microphone works great with all popular recording software. Just plug the USB connector into your Windows or Mac computer and you are ready to record with...

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