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Plugable Performance Keyboards

Mechanical Switches. Featuring a crisp click and durability.

Gaote, a relatively well known switch manufacturer provided us with their Outemu Blue switch, a high quality clone of the classic Cherry MX Blue “clicky” switch released in 2007. The Gaote PG150 Series Outemu Blue switch provides a slightly more pronounced tactile “bump” and crisper audible click than original Cherry MX Blue switches. The switches are rated for 50 million actuations and require 60±15 cN of force* with 4.0±0.2mm of keystroke travel.

Actuation graph

Double-shot Keycaps. Extremely durable with shine-through.

Double-shot refers to a process where the keycap legend and the keycap itself are two separately molded parts. The main benefit of this design prevents the legend from wearing off and makes the keyboard far more durable than inexpensive keyboards using traditional pad printing, or laser etching techniques, which can often start to show signs of wear in just a matter of weeks.

We also include a keycap puller for easy removal of the keycaps to clean the keyboard, or install your own custom Cherry-compatible keycap set.

Full N-Key Rollover. That's NKRO to you pros out there.

Each key switch is individually addressed by the micro-controller chipset in this keyboard. This enables every key to be pressed simultaneously on the keyboard while avoiding the possibility of ghosting, giving gamers an edge against online competitors. Most keyboards only offer 6-key rollover or less, and some keyboards have limitations of what three keys can be pressed down at the same time, limiting the ability for macros and keyboard shortcuts.

Anti-Ghosting. Bring it with you on Halloween.

Inexpensive keyboards may sometimes register phantom key presses when typing certain key combinations. With anti-ghosting you will never get an unexpected input.

Adjustable White Backlighting.   A beacon in the darkness.

Backlighting ensures easy key visibility regardless of ambient light. Features full on/off control along with dimmable brightness and a 'breathing' mode where the light gently pulsates on and off. No special software required.

Plug-and-Play. Just say no to bloatware.

No drivers, no bloat, and just the right amount of control. On-board controls for lighting effects to suit your preferences without ever accessing another application or taskbar icon, and multimedia controls that are accessed through a key-combo so you never have to Alt+Tab out of your game for master volume controls.

Two Layouts. To numberpad, or not to numberpad? That is the question.

For productivity, a numpad can be invaluable, so we've got the option if you want it. For gamers, the 87-key model is far more popular to keep your mouse and WASD keys closer together for better comfort and ergonomics while gaming.


Technical Details and Compatibility

Technical Details

Item Item Info


104-key  USB-MECH104BW


USB 2.0 Type-A

Cable Type

Rubber-sleeved USB 2.0 Cable

Cable Length

6 ft / 1.8 m

Switch Type

Gaote / Outemu "Blue-Style" Clicky Keys

Switch Stats

The switches are rated for 50 million actuations and require 60±15 cN of force on average with 4.0±0.2 mm of keystroke travel.

Lighting Modes

• On (7 Levels of Brightness)
• Off
• Breathing (Slow Pulse)

Layout Type


Key Rollover


Additional Features

Hook-and-loop cable management and keypuller

Keycap Type

Double-shot shine-through keycaps


Mostly a marketing term. Keyboard is designed in a way that will not allow ghosting to occur

Weight (In-Box)

104-key  2.75 lbs

Dimensions (In-Box)

104-key  4.75 in x 17 in x 1.25 in

Operating System Compatibility

Item Item Info

Any with USB support — 98 SE, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10

  OS X / macOS







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